Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Martin Lawrence & Will Smith Officially Agree To Do Bad Boys 3!

Today we were able to confirm from our sources at Sony studios that comedian and actor Martin Lawrence met with actor Will Smith to discuss filming the next installment of the Bad Boys franchise, so far tentatively titled Bad Boys 3. We can say that our sources stated to us that both actors have agreed to be in the film.

We also discovered from our sources that the actors are in very early discussions and they are planning on bringing back Director Michael Bay who directed the first two films, and who has had recent success in directing the Transformers franchise. We even heard there were some discussions on the plot of the film and the setting. No word yet on who will write the film or also star, but as of this writing it’s a good bet that the film is moving forward.

Things are shaping up for a very busy year for Martin as he is about to begin filming Big Momma’s House 3 in Atlanta in April and after that project, Martin will be moving forward with Jamie Foxx in the sketch-turned film called Skank Robbers, which stems from the characters Sheneneh from the Martin show and Wanda from In Living Color.

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Katt Williams In Trouble With The Law AGAIN!!

It looks like more trouble is brewing for comedian Katt Williams. We just discovered that celebrity website is reporting that two arrest warrants have been issued for comedian Katt Williams after he allegedly punched someone in the face at an Atlanta hotel back in November -- and the whole thing was allegedly caught on tape ... audio tape.

According to the website, arrest warrants for battery and false imprisonment were issued last month for Katt in Fulton County, GA, stemming from an alleged incident at the Four Seasons Hotel the night of November 12.

According to the police report, Merion Powers claims Katt invited him to the hotel to discuss a debt -- when Powers sensed trouble was brewing he pressed the record button on his cell phone.

According to the report, "Mr. Williams was on audio recording stating that he did physically strike Mr. Power's once in the nose" and that Powers' nose "did show signs of swelling." Katt was never arrested -- but warrants were issued on December 28.

A source connected with Katt claims it went down like this: Powers was attempting to extort the comedian over a musical recording made by Williams, and when Williams told Powers to pound sand, Powers' pal called the hotel security, security called the cops, but the cops didn't believe Powers and left without arresting Katt.

Katt Williams Photo- Naoe Pix

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Chris Rock Is Making ANOTHER Remake!

We just discovered that comedian and actor Chris Rock has ANOTHER film on deck to make this year, and again it’s another remake.

As we reported a couple of months ago Chris Rock is making Death At A Funeral with Martin Lawrence and Kevin Hart just to name a few- but what we discovered today is about a new film.

We discovered Rock is making a popular French film titled The First Star (in France the film is titled La premiere etoile). Rock will write the remake's screenplay and produce.

The film is a comedy with a broad social point, as it is about a black family who leave their working-class hood to take to the ski slopes. That's considered a social faux pas in the stuffy resort, where comedy then ensues.

So far there have been no other casting for the film and a release date has not been set.

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