Friday, October 30, 2009

Jamie Foxx Joins The Animation Ranks With New Show Based On The Foxxhole!

We just heard from our sources that comedian and actor, (and of course Oscar-winner) Jamie Foxx, is about to voice himself in his new animation project titled The Foxxhole. We also hear what the animation project is about - and get this- the comedy project is loosely based on his Sirius/XM satellite radio program that goes by the same name, The Foxxhole.

Anyway, Foxx and his tight-knit crew of comedian buddies which include Speedy, Lewis Dix, Clayton Thomas, Corey Holcomb and many more convene weekly at The Foxxhole to discuss everything from politics to music to STDs as they do on the actual radio show. The series will also follow Foxx’s whirlwind life as an A-list star and his crew’s attempts to define their own careers. Foxx and Marcus King will executive produce and Lance Crouther will write the pilot. Stay tuned for more news as this develops.

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