Friday, February 19, 2010

Damon Wayans Jr. Cast In A New Comedy Pilot For ABC!

We just discovered that comedian and actor Damon Wayans Jr. was recently cast in a new comedy pilot for ABC in a yet-to-be titled project. The show is written by David Caspe and is a single-camera comedy about a couple who breaks up at the altar while their friends try to keep things calm amidst all of the chaos that the break up causes. Wayans was cast in the lead role.

You may remember Wayans Jr., as he was recently the lead in last summer's comedy film titled Dance Flick and he also worked on the ABC sitcom My Wife and Kids with his dad, Damon Wayans.

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Stand Up Classic- Damon Wayans

Here is a stand up classic as Damon Wayans does his thing for his then HBO special titled The Last Stand which debuted in 1990. Enjoy!

***Ah- SKIT- It's FRIDAY!***

Here is another video that was submitted to us for our new segment titled AH SKIT - IT's FRIDAY. The submitted skit is titled Tiny and Toya Tryin To Tawk, and is written and produced by Johari Johnson, as she is poking fun at the very popular Tiny and Toya reality show on BET. Tell us your thoughts!

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