Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Comedian Of The Year- Kevin Hart!!!

You have decided who The Comedian Of The Year is…

…and after several hundred thousand votes, you chose comedian Kevin Hart!

We can’t say we disagree with your choice either! Hart continues to electrify the audience with a clever, animated style of comedy that cannot be duplicated, while he brings his audience to tears in his stand-up comedic performance. He's hilarious as he pokes fun at everybody, but he's funniest when he's the brunt of his jokes! Fans probably know him the best from his characters in Soul Plane, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Scary Movie 3 and 4 and Super Hero Movie, just to name a few.

But all of that is about to quickly change as he has been able to capture more movie roles and stand up performances, such as his Comedy Central Special I’m A Grown Little Man to Shaq’s Comedy All-Star Special that aired on Showtime. But that’s just a clue to what he has on tap, as he’s got a lot more to come and we just love to see Kevin Hart at his wisecracking best.

Up next for Hart, he’s filming several films and you will see him next in Death At A Funeral and Something Like A Business.

UP next: The People’s Choice Of The TOP 5 COMEDIANS OF THE YEAR!

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