Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Humor Mill TV Presents Gina Yashere!

Humor Mill TV caught up with comedian Gina Yashere outside of The Laugh Factory during the Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show and she dropped a ton of exclusives on us! Check it out!

A Comedy Skit Featuring A Rap Battle On Humor Mill TV!

We were on hand at The Comedy Store during the Trippin' On Tuesdays Comedy Show Hosted by comedian Chris Spencer kicked off their weekly show, and we were able to catch a new segment of their show that features sketch comedy. Except this sketch is a rap battle with some bag men, and it is something different! We would tell you all about it, but we want you to see it for yourself! ***VERY EXPLICIT LANGUAGE***

What's Up With... Comedian Chris Spencer?!

In our brand new series of "What's Up With..." this week we kick it off by hanging out with comedian Chris Spencer who many folks in and around Los Angeles know as THE HOST, meaning he hosts EVERYTHING, and he's one of the best at it. Anyway, we start it off by finding out what's he's up to, right before he Hosts his regular comedy spot at The Comedy Store. Check out his interview!

Doug Williams Out As Host Of Martin Lawrence's 1st Amendment?

Today our sources have told us that comedian Doug Williams, who is the co-creator and Executive Producer and HOST of the Martin Lawrence 1st Amendment Show that has run on the Starz Network for the last four years, is stepping aside as the Host of the show as it begins filming it’s fifth season.

Our sources have also disclosed that the show’s producers is possibly thinking about replacing Williams with a new female host that would bring a different flavor to the show.

It should be noted here that the sources stated that is was Williams' decision to step aside and that since he is still involved in many aspects of the show, it looks like he thought it was time for him to step aside and bring in something new and fresh to the show. As a matter of fact, if you recall, at the end of the last episode of last years tapings, Williams even stated that he might not return.

As you may or may not know, the Martin Lawrence 1st Amendment Show is one of the highest rated shows on the Starz Network and has been climbing in the ratings every year since its debut. No official word from the network, but we will let you know as soon as we find out!

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Martin Lawrence's 1st Amendment Begins Recruiting Comics For New Season

We just discovered that the Starz Network's Martin Lawrence's 1st Amendment, that has been shooting for the last four years, is gearing up for another season as they are recruiting comedinas for this upcoming season.

But the biggest news is going to be if they are going to bring back comedian Doug Williams, (who was the original host of the show) as there have been rumors that Williams may not return to the show. Add all that up, plus we hear that the producers are looking for an up- and coming comedian to host  the new season is stirring up a lot of rumors in the comedy world.

So, if this story is true we will reveal the Host once we confirm the story and as the story develops.

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A Quick Clip Of Humor Mill TV By Rt Steckel

Here is something from comedian Rt Steckel that we caught at The Comedy Store... Very funny, check it out! He does several different dialects with some very funny results!**EXPLICIT LANGUAGE**

Tracy Morgan To Stay On As Host Of Scare Tactics On Syfy Network!

It looks like comedian/actor Tracy Morgan is still blowing up, as we hear that not only does he have two films coming as we reported several days ago, but we also hear that he isn't leaving television. Smart move.

It was announced today that Morgan will return as the host of the hidden camera reality show Scare Tactics on the Syfy Network. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, it’s basically a combination of Candid Camera, Punk’d and Fangoria magazine.

In addition to host, Morgan will also serve as executive producer on the 13-episode order. No surprise there, as the network had to give up something to keep the star on the network.

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