Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eddie Murphy & Mike Epps Out, Marlon Wayans Lands Role Of Richard Pryor

As we reported a couple of months ago about comedic actor Eddie Murphy walking away from the Richard Pryor film along with Paramount, it now looks like the Execs quickly moved in to get someone else to replace him, and it looks like that person is comedic actor Marlon Wayans.

To quickly get you up to speed, comedic actor Mike Epps was originally attached but the producers discovered that Eddie Murphy wanted to play Pryor and once that happened, the deal was quickly closed. But once production started word leaked that there were some creative differences and Murphy lost interest in their direction of the film.

Now Director Bill Condon ( of Dreamgirls fame) is still moving forward with Richard Pryor, but as we stated Murphy is out and so are Paramount Pictures and Fox Searchlight.

As the producers set up a new casting call, it seems Marlon Wayans emerged in the lead role. Wayans so impressed producers of the film with his dramatic audition featuring two scenes directly from the film that he landed the part.

In also more surprising move, we also discovered that the film will be produced by Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Productions at Sony Pictures.

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