Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Urban Ocean's 11 Film Titled Trump Heist Moves One Step Closer To Reality

Just in case you haven’t heard, there is about to be an urban version of the hit film Ocean’s Eleven that recently starred George Clooney, Brad Pitt and the late Bernie Mac (to name a few) that will hit the big screen, which will be produced by Imagine Entertainment and Universal Studios. There have been several new developments since we last reported and we have the latest news.

We have discovered that the film is now official and will be directed by Brett Ratner (which no official announcement has been made about his involvement yet), and so far several stars are about to jump on board and sign. Our sources tell us that there will be an official announcement soon, and that the lead for this film looks like it will be Eddie Murphy who will play the leader of the crew of con artists, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Chris Tucker are reportedly in consideration to join the cast. Ratner has hired Ocean’s Eleven scribe Ted Griffin to re-write the script and has completed location scouting in New York for the film.

There has been talk of several top notch actors to play the lead role of the villain, including Denzel Washington and Samuel L. Jackson but that has not been confirmed yet.

In case you are wondering what the film will be about, Trump Heist is an action crime comedy that tells the story of a bunch of employees of the Trump Tower who conspire to rip off the building’s residents.

Anyway, we will have more info on this as it develops.

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The George Lopez Late Night Show Prepares For Battle!

We hear that TBS is pulling out all the stops for the new George Lopez late night talk show, titled Lopez Tonight, airing November 9 at 11PM. Lopez has a star studded cast to set things off, and is coming out with all guns blazing. His upcoming guests include Ellen DeGeneres, Eva Longoria-Parker Kobe Bryant, Sandra Bullock, Ray Romano, Jamie Foxx, Jessica Alba, Charlie Sheen, Queen Latifah, Marc Anthony, Ted Danson, Andy Garcia, Larry David, Taylor Lautner, Oscar de la Hoya, Kelly Osbourne, Floyd Mayweather, Eva Mendes, Arsenio Hall and Kathy Griffin among others.

Here is an interesting note: When Lopez Tonight was originally scheduled it was planned to be aired at 11:30 PM weeknights not to conflict with The Mo’Nique Show which currently airs on BET and stars comedian Mo'Nique at the same time slot. Along the way, the TBS Network decided that since the show would capture a completely different audience they moved the show to the 11 o’clock time slot, as they were more concerned about the new Tonight Show that features Conan O’Brien. Anyway, the late night battle continues as Lopez launches his show and as Wanda Sykes will join the fray week nights beginning Nov. 7th on FOX with The Wanda Sykes Show.

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