Thursday, December 3, 2009

Takers Gets A Part 2 Greenlight Before 1st Film Is Released!

We just discovered from our sources that the Screen Gems film titled Takers to be released next year was given a green-light to begin pre-production on a second film; all of this even before the original has even been released.

In case you are wondering what the film is, Takers has a very powerful cast including actors Idris Elba, Zoe Saldana, Chris Brown, T.I., Hayden Christensen,Matt Dillon, Paul Walker, Michael Ealy and Steve Harris just to name a few. The film is basically about a group of bank robbers who find their $20 million plan interrupted by a hard-boiled detective.

So far, we have discovered that the film has the Screen Gems excited about the film and because of the excitement they have moved forward with the process for beginning the sequel.

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The More Hustlin' Tour Hits Long Beach!

Just in case you haven't heard, comedians Luenell, Melanie Comarcho and Red Grant began their own tour titled More Hustlin', as they call it the sequel to Katt Williams Pimp Chronicles Tour. That tour was said to have collected over 80 million dollars in receipts and in DVD sales, and spawned many opportunities for all of those involved.

Several years ago all three were featured with Katt Williams as they toured across the country on the way a very successful tour. Anyway, on the way to their own tour, minus Katt (as he has retired from doing stand-up) the trio played the at the Laugh Factory in Long Beach. Pictured here is Melanie, Red and Luenell taking a break from the tour.

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Eddie Murphy To Partner WIth Paramount!

We just discovered from our sources that word on the Paramount Studios lot is that actor/comedian Eddie Murphy is planning on partnering with the studio to set up his own production company and produce several films a year, with a deal for three years. What makes this significant is the Murphy once had a similar deal years ago, but now is negotiating with the studio to PRODUCE the films, where as his deal before included him starring in the films.

We also hear that the deal will be almost similar to Tyler Perry's deal with Lionsgate where Perry owns his films. No word yet on the terms of the deal, but our sources say that Murphy will be paid three million a year, plus ownership and rights to all of the films produced under the yet-to-be titled production banner.

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Showtime Moves Ahead With More Urban Specials

We just discovered from our sources that the Showtime Network is about to pull out some "big guns" in the urban comedy circles. Why do we say that you ask? Well besides the Shaq Comedy All Stars specials that they have been filming with Codeblack Entertainment and broadcasting on the network, we have discovered that there are some immediate plans to film some half hour specials.

We know for a fact that there have been three comedians who have been contacted as potential comics for the specials, and it looks like plans are moving forward for them to be filmed. Stay tuned as we are confirming who the comedians will be.

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