Monday, March 15, 2010

More Bad News Again For Katt Williams?!!

According to local reports out of Shreveport, LA., it looks like there is more bad news regarding Katt Williams.

We just discovered that the City of Shreveport, Louisiana and a group of local promoters planned on producing a show with Katt Williams titled The Katt Williams Experience this past weekend. But the show never happened.

According to several local news outlets and the promoters of the show, Katt Williams showed up to the event on Sunday morning, expecting to do a show that day after the original show on Friday was rescheduled because of Williams’ no show.

After officials first decided to move the rescheduled show to Saturday, the show was eventually cancelled because of lost communication between all of the parties involved; the promoters, the city officials and the Shreveport Convention Center.

What makes this story even worse is the City of Shreveport had a local bid for The Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC), (which is is a college athletic conference that would have bought millions to the local economy), but now the officials who were in town to see the show have decided that Shreveport will NOT be in the running for the SWAC conference (a bid that the City had to hold SWAC there) because of many factors, and this being one of the highlighted reasons.

Anyway, as of this writing the news outlets are reporting that Katt Williams is still in Shreveport waiting for the rescheduled show- which the promoters state is NOT happening.

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Cedric The Entertainer To Join The Radio Ranks?

We have just discovered from our sources that it seems that comedian Cedric The Entertainer may have a pending deal with a radio network to do an afternoon drive type of show that will begin broadcasting in New York soon.

No word yet on the type of show or when the show will begin but we will have that for you shortly.

Cedric The Entertainer joins the ranks of Steve Harvey, Rickey Smiley, Jay Anthony Brown and George Wilborn who have all jumped on syndicated radio and have their radio programs in several markets nationwide.

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