Friday, July 17, 2009

Katt Williams NOT Bankrupt- Bashed By Ex Employees!!!

After further investigation on the Katt Williams bankruptcy claim that was made to us, (and after additional due diligence by us as looking for the filings of the bankruptcy claims in the state of California) we recently discovered that the claims that were made to us by several former employees of Katt Williams were proven to be false.

Furthermore, our investigation has uncovered that these were individuals who set out to discredit Katt Williams, and for the purpose of our involvement in this matter we apologize on reporting this about Katt Williams, and also apologize for any harm this may have done to him or his family. We had the audacity to print this story that we thought was coming from reliable sources (as they were reliable in the past), so we’d better have the audacity to apologize.

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