Monday, March 29, 2010

EXCLUSIVE- The New Host Of 1st Amendment Is Sheryl Underwood!

As we reported several weeks ago, comedian Doug Williams, who is the co-creator and Executive Producer and former Host of the Martin Lawrence 1st Amendment Show on Starz, stepped aside as the Host of the show as it begins filming its fifth season.

At that same time, our sources disclosed that the show’s producers were thinking about replacing Williams with a new female host that would bring a different flavor to the show. Today we found out what that flavor is as our sources have told us that the NEW host of the show is comedian Sheryl Underwood!

Underwood, a former host of BET’s Comic View and current radio personality of the Tom Joyner Morning Show and The FOXXhole, is not unfamiliar to hosting and is expected to bring a different spin to the show.

Anyway, the Martin Lawrence 1st Amendment Show is one of the highest rated shows on the Starz Network and has been climbing in the ratings every year since its debut. No official word from the network of Underwood being named as the host, but we will let you know as soon as we find out!

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Clifton Powell On Humor Mill TV!

We caught up with actor and producer Clifton Powell at the Robin Harris Tribute last week and we asked him about Hollywood and how Robin Harris helped him. Not sure on who Powell is, well, he was in many black films including Next Friday, Deep Cover, Dead Presidents, Menace II Society, Rush Hour, and The Brothers (just to name a few).

Anyway, at this tribute we got a chance to talk to him about the event and we also got a couple of more things from him- check it out!

Jamie Foxx Lands New Sketch Comedy Show At The FOX Network!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, we just discovered that Jamie Foxx has teamed up with comedic actor Affion Crockett for a new urban-flavored sketch-comedy show, which will air on the FOX network.

FOX has ordered a pilot for an untitled project executive produced by Foxx and fellow "In Living Color" scribes, "MadTV" creators Fax Bahr and Adam Small, with "Wild 'N Out" alum Crockett attached.

According to the report, the pilot is the result of merging two projects. Foxx was looking to do a sketch-comedy series with an urban twist and paired with Bahr and Small to pitch the idea to Fox.

Separately, Sony TV-based Tantamount was working on a sketch-comedy project starring Crockett, probably best known for his spoofs of Russell Simmons, Kanye West, Chris Brown, Drake and Jay-Z. Crockett also was attached to co-write with Carl Jones, a producer on Sony's animated comedy "The Boondocks," on which Jones voiced characters alongside Crockett and also served as a producer.

After hearing both pitches, Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly proposed marrying the projects.

The combination landed at FtvS, with Foxx executive producing alongside Small, Bahr, Eric Tannenbaum, Kim Tannenbaum as well as Marcus King and Jaime Rucker King, Foxx's managers and producing partners at Foxx King Entertainment.

Jones is co-executive producing, with Crockett a producer. Small, Bahr, Jones and Crockett are writing.
Foxx, who co-created, produced and toplined "The Jamie Foxx Show," had another sketch-comedy show with Bahr and Small in development last year at MTV.

Small and Bahr's series credits also include "Chocolate News" and "Blue Collar TV."

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