Sunday, May 29, 2011

Comedic Actress & Host Niecy Nash Gets Married!

We discovered that host and comedic actress Niecy Nash got married Saturday May 28th, in what we hear was a very beautiful wedding in Malibu. Find out all of the wedding details, who attended and who filmed it at The Humor Mill!

Comedian Kevin Hart In London!

We have a clip of comedian Kevin Hart as he is touring in London, selling out shows. Hart gives you a glimpse of his rise to super stardom with a clip of this tour as it travels across the world, while keeping it funny. Check out the clip at The Humor Mill!

EXCLUSIVE- Actor Michael Kenneth Williams Reveals New Projects & More!

Here is an EXCLUSIVE interview we conducted with actor Michael Kenneth Williams, probably most famous for his role in the HBO series The Wire, and now back on a new HBO series titled Boardwalk Empire. Check out the interview at our new website The Humor Mill!

The HMTV News Break Edition Of Celebrity Fight Night!

Here is a new editing of our new webisodes of Humor Mill TV News Break with our new anchor comedian Stevie Mack! Its a 60 second news break of the latest news, comedy or whatever is going on at the time. This episode is about The Celebrity Fight Night that is going down! Check out the webisode at the Humor Mill!

Funny Moment-Whoopi Goldberg On The View Threatens Barbara Walters!

Check out the very funny video that comedic actress and Host of ABC's The View, Whoopi Goldberg did at our new website The Humor Mill!

Actor Darrin Henson To Fight In Celebrity Fight Night- FOR REAL!

We just discovered that actor Darrin Henson, probably best known for his role in the hit television series Soul Food and in the film The Express, is set to jump in the boxing ring for real!
Find out all of the details at our new website The Humor Mill!

Gabrielle Union Jumps Back To Big Screen In New Comedy Film!

t seems like actress Gabrielle Union is having a great couple of months! As we stated several weeks ago that she was about to be back on the radar, it seems that it was even sooner than we could have predicted.

Why do we say that you ask?

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