Friday, January 22, 2010

The People's Choice Of The TOP 5 Comics Of 2009!

At the beginning of the month we asked you to VOTE for your TOP 5 Comedians OF THE YEAR. The rules were rather simple; it was for ANY COMIC that you were able to see perform stand-up within the last year, whether it was on TV or in person.
We also asked that you would vote for FIVE comedians, not just ONE comedian. Now, many of you followed the rules and many of you did not. But we counted many of your votes anyway…

Well the TOP FIVE COMEDIANS of 2009 that YOU voted for were;

5- Corey Holcomb
4- Tony Rock
3- Earthquake
2- Mike Epps
1- Cedric The Entertainer

Then there is soooooo many folks who got votes that we just had to give them an honorable mention, and that list is;

5- Cece Mor
4 -Tony Roberts
3- TuRae Gordon
2- Jay Phillips
1- DeRay Davis

Now that the results are in and counted, we are sure that some of you may have problems with who is on the list. All we can say is that next year follow the rules and VOTE! The final decision is up to you!

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*Introducing NEW Comedy Skit Segment -Ah SKIT, It's Friday!

This week we are introducing you to a new segment we are going to drop every Friyday titled, "Ah Skit- It's Friday!" This week we introduce you to a skit sent to us from long-time comedy manager Kevin Wasson, who is is now expanding and launching his own company called Kreatve Koncepts. The goal of the company is to help establsih new comics.

Anyway, here is our first comedy sketch submission; it's a parody of a scene from the movie Precious. The skit stars Kevin Wasson and Stefon O'Neal.

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