Sunday, November 22, 2009

Martin Lawrence Prepping A New Comedy Tour?

This past weekend we were able to to catch up with Martin Lawrence at The Comedy Store in Hollywood as he performed in front of two sold out shows on Friday and Saturday nights. For the audience's reaction both nights it looks as if Lawrence is back and trying to get a feel to see if he may want to go out and get back on the comedy tour circuit. Who knows, maybe watching all of the comedians he has seen over the past couple of years on The Martin Lawrence 1st Amendment Show has gotten his juices flowing again.

Anyway, both nights comedian Melanie Comarcho opened for him and set the tone for the show with a hilarious set that gives us the idea that if a tour was set in motion there is a good chance Comarcho will probably go back out on tour with him. As it looks now, we hear that there is a good possibility that Lawrence may go back out the beginning of next year and it just may kick off overseas first. There has been nothing set in stone but as we discover the news, we will fill you in!

(Pictured here is Martin Lawrence immediately after his performance)

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