Sunday, April 19, 2009

BET Launches New Late Night Talk Show With Mo'Nique

We discovered this past week that Black Entertainment Television has decided to jump into the crowded late night fray with a new talk show spear-headed by comedian Mo’Nique, who recently had her nationally syndicated radio show cancelled.

Mo’Nique will be joining some stiff competition as she will be up against the new Wanda Sykes Show on the FOX network and the new George Lopez show set to launch on TBS. What will probably be the saving grace of the show is the coveted time slot of Mo’Nique’s show because if set to air earlier than either of the competition, she will not have to compete for audience. So far, it looks like Wanda’s show is set to premiere on Saturday night in place of the cancelled MadTV, and George Lopez will launch in the coveted 11:30 time slot weeknights.

Our thoughts about this news right now varies because we are thinking; is this show doomed before it has even begun? Why has it taken BET so long to launch a new late night show so many years after Arsenio Hall's Show, and why wait until now when the field is so crowded now? What do you think?

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