Once again we have an interview at the Robin Harris Tribute several weeks back, and this time we stop and talk to the very funny comedian AJ Jamal. This comedian is used to flying under the radar and as usual he is his funny self even at the tribute. We get a chance to discuss what Robin Harris meant to him and we also ask about his upcoming projects. Check out the interview!

In 2004 Chris Rock and his writers from the Chris Rock Show wrote a parody version of OutKast’s “Hey Ya!,” their smash hit from the year before. The video for the parody was filmed but never released until now, thanks to the folks at World Star Hip Hop. We are not sure how Rock would feel about this being released now, but we can say that there are alot of feathers being ruffled now as many believe this to be racist. What do you think? Its just a joke right?

Here is another interview we conducted with Aries Spears (of MAD Tv fame) as he discusses his stand up, his career, and his performance on the Shaq Comedy All Star Jam! Check out the interview!

We get a chance to talk to comedian Red Grant about his new film that he wrote and more, and we get the scoop on all of the details of the filming now. We also speak to Red about other projects back stage at The Comedy Store during the Trippin' On Tuesday Comedy Show in Hollywood. Check out the interview!

We caught up with actor and producer Clifton Powell at the Robin Harris Tribute last week and we asked him about Hollywood and how Robin Harris helped him. Not sure on who Powell is, well, he was in many black films including Next Friday, Deep Cover, Dead Presidents, Menace II Society, Rush Hour, and The Brothers (just to name a few).

Anyway, at this tribute we got a chance to talk to him about the event and we also got a couple of more things from him- check it out!

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