Monday, April 12, 2010

Martin Lawrence To Shoot A Concert Film?

Rumors are flying around in the comedy world that comedian and actor Martin Lawrence is about to make a big splash; and that’s by going back on tour and preparing to do a concert film.

Now, even though this story has yet to be confirmed we do know that Lawrence just wrapped his Doin' Time Comedy Tour and we know that after wrapping up the tour in the smaller markets he is planning on launching the tour in the major markets, and POSSIBLY go overseas even though the trek to go overseas hasn’t panned out yet.

If the rumors are true, expect his Production Company Runteldat to produce the film which will probably be shot in a major market, maybe Washington DC.

Up next for Lawrence is Death At A Funeral which opens nationwide April 16th with Chris Rock and Tracy Morgan, then off to Atlanta to film Big Momma’s; Like Father Like Son, and the Sheneneh and Wanda film also starring Jamie Foxx.

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