Monday, November 9, 2009

****UPDATE*** Katt Williams Arrest In Atlanta News Update!

According to published reports about Katt Williams still being held by authorities,we can confirm that Williams has been released on bail in Atlanta and seems to be preparing to make a statement to the media Tuesday morning. Also, we just recently have discovered that Katt DID call the police as they were summoned to the resident that he was eventually arrested.

Reports are also stating that someone other than Barry Hankerson resides in the home that Katt was arrested at, and those stories are false, as Hankerson is the film producer who is currently employing Katt in a film that they are shooting in Atlanta and have been for the past three weeks.

As previously reported, there was an altercation that happened at the residence and since the police were called the altercation escalated to where the police had to make an arrest. Katt was having a dispute with an employee of Hankerson's and they were upset and they made the claim to the police upon their arrival that Katt had broken in to the property stolen jewelry and had a crow bar in his hand.

As we stated, there is so much more to this story than what was initially reported, but we did state to you that there wasn't much validity to the police report because Katt was a guest of the home.

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The REAL Story Behind Katt Williams' Arrest!!!

As you have probably heard by now, actor and comedian Katt Williams was arrested and now is still behind bars in Atlanta after police said they arrested the entertainer for breaking into a home and stealing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and coins.

Williams, is charged with burglary and criminal trespassing, according to Coweta County Sheriff's Office Maj. James Yarbrough.

A Coweta County magistrate set bond at more than $41,000 Monday afternoon, and as of this writing is still behind bars preparing to be released.

Yarbrough said the Sunday night incident happened at a home in Newnan, about 38 miles southwest of Atlanta. Yarbrough said the victim — identified in a police report as Daniel Broach — called police around 9 p.m. to report the comedian broke into his home and stole items. You may have also heard that Williams had a crowbar when he entered and is accused of taking $3,555 in jewelry and collectable coins.

Now here's what REALLY happened; Williams was a GUEST of the home and wandered off to another part of the home, and the alarm went off and the police were called to the scene. After a confrontation with the police and Williams trying to explain being at the home for rest and relaxation (he has been working on a film for the past 3 weeks) the police were bothered by the fact that the alarm went off. Since there was no immediate explanation of the alarm sounding, the police decided to arrest Williams at the scene. Williams was also with a couple of others who were present at the time of the arrest and more details of this are sure to surface soon. As of this writing we we discovered that Williams is the one who called the police, but we are trying to confirm that.

Anyway, there will be more details as this story develops.

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