Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Katt Williams Ahead Of The Curve- AGAIN!

It looks like there is FINALLY a cell phone application from someone in the urban comedy world, and that person is comedian and actor Katt Williams. Katt is the first comedian to launch a cell phone application ( for the very popular Iphone) that will deliver his comedy from his stand-up specials and will also include funny catch phrases, to full clips, to the latest Katt Williams comedy news. No word yet if it will include any of his songs from his album that was supposed to drop several months ago but was pushed back. As usual, Katt is ahead of the curve in the technology scene as he was one of the first to utilize his popularity on, launching all of his entrepreneurial endeavors there and on his website, including ring tones and more. Katt joins other comedian Dane Cook in launching an all exclusive cell phone application featuring his comedy and other tidbits.

Blast From The Past- Eddie Murphy On The Tonight Show

This week we decided to give you a blast from the past; here is a taped performance of Eddie Murphy's 1st performance on The Tonight Show when it was still hosted by Johnny Carson in 1982. You will notice the lack of profanity! Enjoy!

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