Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chris Rock Is Making ANOTHER Remake!

We just discovered that comedian and actor Chris Rock has ANOTHER film on deck to make this year, and again it’s another remake.

As we reported a couple of months ago Chris Rock is making Death At A Funeral with Martin Lawrence and Kevin Hart just to name a few- but what we discovered today is about a new film.

We discovered Rock is making a popular French film titled The First Star (in France the film is titled La premiere etoile). Rock will write the remake's screenplay and produce.

The film is a comedy with a broad social point, as it is about a black family who leave their working-class hood to take to the ski slopes. That's considered a social faux pas in the stuffy resort, where comedy then ensues.

So far there have been no other casting for the film and a release date has not been set.

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