Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Wayans, Jamie Foxx & Don Cheadle All Land Projects On Fall TV!

The TBS network just released their show line up for the upcoming season, and we first discovered that The Wayans family is in the mix. Up first from The Wayans is a project titled The Black Family which is a animated series ab out a blended interracial family, the Blacks. The show will be executive produced by Keenan Ivory Wayans, Marlon Wayans and Shawn Wayans. No word yet if they will lend their voices to the show. Also involved in the show is executive producer/writer Ali LeRoi (of Everybody Hates Chris fame), executive producer/artist Todd Goldman, and executive producer Rick Alvarez from Ice Cube's Cube Vision camp.

We also discovered Jamie Foxx is also in the fall line-up with TNT as he will take a shot at dramatic TV as he will executive produce and write a new show titled Miss Philly, which will be set in the pristine suburbs and urban war zones of Philadelphia, where the mayor has hired the first African-American police commissioner. As you can imagine, chaos ensues when she takes over the new position.

Finally among all of the upfront news we heard, there is some big news for all of the Don Cheadle fans as we discovered that he will also be coming to TV. We hear that Cheadle will serve as the executive producer of an as-yet-untitled medical show set in 1971 Los Angeles, where a group of idealistic doctors open an urgent-care clinic in hopes of upholding the values that inspired them to become doctors. No word yet if he will be starring in the show but our sources said to expect him to make several guest appearances.

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