Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Comedian Thomas Ward Makes Comedy History In Adult Entertainment Industry!

We just discovered that another comedian has been able to create comedy history! Comedian Thomas Ward pulled off another brilliant Bill Cosby impression as he was able to jump from the normal boundaries of comedy with his impression and land in adult entertainment. This Cosby impression of his in the film Not The Cosby's was able to win an AVN Award (an Award given out to those in the Adult Entertainment industry) without having to perform a sex act in the film, and while being the first African American to take home this honor.

Ward was able to walk away with an Award for his "Non-Sex role" in the film. This was considered the "Year of the Parody" in Porn and Not the Cosby's won an a tie with the X-File's Parody.

The AVN Awards are currently airing on cable television on Showtime as this year's show was hosted by Comedy Central's Dave Atell, and also featured comedian and Margaret Cho who was also a presenter.

The film Not the Cosby's also won for Best Director. As stated previously, the Awards are currently being aired on Showtime.

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