Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tracy Morgan Cops Out To 2 New Films!

We just discovered from our source that comedian and actor Tracy Morgan is about to sign on another comedy film titled ID Theft, which is a comedy that casts him as a cash-strapped father who sees a shortcut out of his struggles when the credit card of a suburban dad lands in his lap.

The script is being written by Colin Jost and Rob Klein, from an original pitch by Kristofor Brown. Morgan has given his own notes to the screenwriters, and 3 Arts and American Work are producing.

But that’s not all for Morgan; we hear that Paramount Studios separately has Morgan set to star with actor TJ Miller in a new film titled Freshman Roommates, and we hear they are also making plans to line up ANOTHER film right after that for Morgan. No word yet on what that film will be.

As you know by now, Morgan is starring in the new buddy cop film titled Cop Out with Bruce Willis, in theaters now.

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Anonymous said...

I congratulate him on his success however have you ever heard his comedy? Tracy Morgan puts down Black people all the time. I find him offensive. I first heard his material at a TV show because he use to warm up the audience at Live broadcastings of television shows. It was so offensive I got up & walked out. Personally putting down your people to get a laugh is not FUNNY.

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