Friday, March 19, 2010

Jamie Foxx To Play A Villain In His New Role!

Our sources today have disclosed to us that Jamie Foxx is about to sign on in another film, but this time is he going down the same path that Denzel Washington did as a villain named Alonzo in the film Training Day? Well, the simple answer is yes.

We have learned that Foxx is about to sign to play a villain in the new film titled Kane & Lynch: Dead Men which is another video game adapted film.

We hear that actor Bruce Willis has already signed on to the project as Kane, a death row inmate who is sprung from jail to recover a pinched fortune. It’s a task that he must complete along with a schizophrenic killer called Lynch, which is the role being offered to Foxx.

The difference of any other big screen adaption from a video game is that this film is bringing two well known actors as leading roles. Expectations are about to be pretty high for this action drama.

We also hear relatively unknown scribe Kyle Ward has written the script (he’s also signed on for Hitman 2), and no word has been set yet for a release date.

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