Thursday, March 25, 2010

‘Laverne & Shirley’ Remake To Be Written By Jamie Foxx!

Word has started to spread about the new Jamie Foxx project because of a TV Guide report that the comedian, musician and actor is supposedly said to be writing a script for a big screen adaptation of TV’s Laverne & Shirley with the show’s co-creator, Garry Marshall.

We hear that it will be a different take, more of a modern day scenario on how they came up on the streets during difficult times. We hear that the Laverne character would be this very tough girl with a big ‘L’ tattooed on her arm.

Marshall is looking at Jennifer Garner for the role of Laverne and Jessica Biel for the part of Shirley. He directed both actresses as well as Foxx in romantic comedy Valentine’s Day.

If you remember the old series on ABC, Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams played the roles in the original series.

According to our sources Foxx did agree to write the script but is bogged down with several other projects from writing a new album, to several new films including writing the new film he writing with Martin Lawrence titled Sheneneh and Wanda from Screen Gems. So, we are not too sure about the time table of this project as it seems Foxx will be extremely busy for the next several years.

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