Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eddie Murphy's New Film Is A Romantic Comedy?!

We just discovered that comedic actor Eddie Murphy is really keeping it moving after all.

Of course, the news has been widely spread about Murphy dropping out of the Richard Pryor biopic film that now has Marlon Wayans as the lead. We also are well aware of Murphy pulling out of the new Ocean’s Eleven comedic remake that has recently cast Ben Stiller in the lead role, which also changed its name from Trump Tower to Tower Heist. We even discovered about Murphy remaking another Nutty Professor film and a Beverly Hills Cop 4 film.

But we bet you didn’t see this coming; Murphy is set to star in a new romantic comedy, a la Boomerang! That’s right, we discovered through our sources that Murphy is planning on starring in the new film tentatively titled Adam and Eve: The First Love Story where Murphy will play the lead role.

No word yet on whom else is starring in the film, but we did discover the film has picked up some steam and is to begin lensing by the fall.

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