Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Will Smith & Denzel Washington To Remake New Comedy Film?

We just got word that everyone’s favorite two actors are about to come together to jump into a hot comedy project!

We hear that actors Denzel Washington and Will Smith, arguably the two biggest stars on the planet, are having discussions about bringing a remake to the big screen- and get this- the film is Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby's 1974 comedy hit film Uptown Saturday Night.

Now if you just happened to miss the film, the original followed the misadventures of two friends who sneak out of their homes to visit a legendary - yet illegal - nightclub. But when the place is held up, and their wallets are taken, the pair must recover a winning lottery ticket that was lurking within Cosby's wallet.

Anyway, fast forward to 2002 and Will Smith bought the rights to the film and has been trying to remake the film ever since. Eddie Murphy was supposedly approached about starring in the film and things didn’t work out with getting Murphy attached, and things haven’t worked out on the project ever since.

Anyway, we hear that this film project has a new life as Washington has now expressed extreme interest in the remake and an interest in starring along side Smith, so the details are about to unfold soon. We know this is serious because now studio (which wishes to remain anonymous) has stepped up to the plate for hiring additional writers for the re-make.

As of this moment, we are on a wait-and-see basis. More info soon!

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Sparkle, Shimmer, & Shine said...

That would be great to see Will and Denzel remake 'Uptown Saturday Night". That was one of my favorite movies back in the day.

Janice T. of Illusions Cosmetics

Kashif said...

I like will smith..
the aura he has.... attracts his fans towards his movies..
Funny jokes

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