Friday, December 4, 2009

Brooklyn's Finest Movie Trailer Released!

Cop movies usually come in a set flavour. You've got your grizzled veteran a week away from retiring. Your otherwise honorable plod who has to go crooked to provide for his family. And the undercover type who gets in a little too deep. But with Brooklyn's Finest, you get them all blended together like a street-flavoured policeshake!

The trailer for Antoine Fuqua's latest is now online at Apple and does indeed feature every one of the archetypes listed above. Richard Gere's the burned-out lifetimer counting the minutes until he can start fishing, Ethan Hawke's the man trying to keep his big family happy and Don Cheadle is the cop whose loyalties are shifting from his comrades to former prison buddy/drug kingpin Wesley Snipes.

The three officers all find themselves caught up with the NYPD's attempt to clean up a notorious housing project and, over seven days, are all tested in various dangerous ways.

Fuqua made his name with Training Day, so he knows how to make a solid cop drama - and it's hard to argue with that cast. Just don't blame us if you suffer from gritty crime overload...
James White

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