Friday, December 18, 2009

Ghostbusters 3 Confirmed And Moving Forward!

As we previously reported several months back it was officially confirmed by Director Ivan Reitman on the red carpet of the new Avatar film yesterday; Ghostbusters 3 is moving forward.

This now falls in line to the other reports and so-called verbal “slips” by the cast including Dan Aykroyd and Signourney Weaver, who will both be joining the cast of Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson.

We hear that the story is moving forward with the cast and a new script while the Producers intend to bring back the old characters, they also intend to introduce new characters to the team, basically a “new generation” stated Aykroyd. He also stated that he would like to see an influx of some new characters join the team, and they may be female members, and two actresses he likes in particular are Alyssa Milano and Eliza Dushku.

The producers are also looking for one more comedian to join the team, someone new, and as we were told “fresh to the scene in the world of comedy.” That person is to be a counter-part to Ernie Hudson’s character, and maybe several more team members, as it looks like the new film will be almost ‘Star Trek-ish’, in a sense were there will be an Academy for cadets to learn how to be the next generation of Ghostbusters, as they learn how to use the neuron splitter and the inter-planet interceptor - new tools that will enable the cadets to slip from dimension to dimension.

Anyway we are left with the thought that there is going to be several new African-American comedian/actors that may be joining the cast, but no word yet on who the part is intended for.

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Anonymous said...

Yes Yes Yes
Please Please Please
We want Alyssa & Eliza in this movie!!!

cagetruebloodfam said...

kevin heart would be perfect!

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