Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is There About To Be A Queens Of Comedy ReUnion?!

Its seems that the news out of Mo’Nique’s camp isn’t slowing down anytime soon. As we stated in our post yesterday, Mo'Nique is preparing for her Oct. 5th launch of her BET talk show titled The Mo’Nique Show. So far, her line up for her first week is stellar.
As we reported, Mo’Nique intends to dedicate a show to Arsenio Hall, plus she landed a very rare interview with Morris Chestnut and David E. Talbert as they discuss Talbert's upcoming DVD release of his blockbuster play titled Love In The Nick Of Tyme.

Today she taped an episode dedicated to relationships with her guests that included actors Hill Harper discussing his new book titled The Conversation, and Boris Kodjoe with wife Nicole Ari Parker.

But the biggest bombshell we discovered today was that Mo’Nique is planning on dedicating a show to the Queens Of Comedy, Ms. Laura Hayes, Adele Givens and Sommore. If you remember The Queens Of Comedy Tour, originally produced by Walter Latham, was ultimately captured live onstage in Memphis during their triumphant and filmed for a theatrical release.

Anyway, as of this writing we hear that the reunion show will be broadcast in October. Stay tuned!

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Rafiq said...

Cool over all it was a good show,I saw the last tour.I use to live in NYC,and I drove for a limo company.Well I had to pick Mo and her click up from JFK, airport.Her attitude to the fans in the airport was horrible.From the time she came down the escalator sliding in house shoes.To the time she went to baggage claim to file a complaint for only receiving 28 of her pieces of luggage out of 30
.Inwhich it took a single 15 passenger van for her luggage alone.Why do you need 30 bags for two days? All 28 Louise Vutton bags were hers.Which I thought was abit much.All the other people were cool ,Contess Vaughn and the other sister that play on the show.Steve was cool as well after I unloaded all of her shyt and before I drove away,he came back out of the hotel and tipped me.Which is more than I can say for some of the other celebrities.And when I see there azzez in your magazine,you'll know.I'm calling all of there azzez out.If I have driven you and you didn't tip me,Humor Mill mag.and others like it will know who your cheap azz is .PEACE

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