Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tyrese Gibson Holds Secret Meeting With Marvel Comics Icon Avi Arad!!!

Tyrese Gibson was spotted last night in Hollywood having dinner with Avi Arad, the Hollywood mega-producer and CEO of Marvel Studios, the company behind such blockbusters like IRON MAN, X-MEN, FANTASTIC FOUR, SPIDER-MAN, and the upcoming WOLVERINE. News of their meeting is apparently an air-tight secret and has all of Hollywood and the comic book world speculating. Gibson has been rumored to play LUKE CAGE, but what else does Marvel have in store for the star of the upcoming TRANSFORMERS 2: REVENGE OF THE FALLEN? Is it possible Tyrese will be THE BLACK PANTHER? Or another Marvel hero?

After digging into it myself, I found some potentially juicy news. Recently, Tyrese unveiled his new comic book MAYHEM at a party in Downtown Los Angeles that had both Hollywood and comic book elites in attendance. Confirmed at the event were Michael Bay, Taraji P. Henson, Tila Tiquila and many of the local comic book talents that included Jeff Katz, Chip Mosher, Mark Sable, Jonathan Davis, Scott Lobdell, Gary Phillips, Tone Rodriguez, Carey Percy, and Joe Keatinge, head of marketing at Image Comics where MAYHEM will be published.
Then I discovered on Twitter that Tyrese had tweeted about his dinner with Avi.
@Tyrese4real: “He said great art…he just said this is gonna be awesome… he loved the cover…”
And the tweets continue with, @Tyrese4real: “I learned sooooo much tonight… He was very insightful…There were secrets he shared…Advice he gave…Just amazing…”
And finally, @Tyrese4real: “Here’s the BEST PART…He signed the cover of my MAYHEM comic book, wrote [his] name and wrote [advice] ON MY COVER…Wow...Avi is the man!
So was this just a meeting of the minds? Is Avi going to produce MAYHEM the movie? Is Tyrese going to be the star of Marvel’s next blockbuster? Is Avi offering guidance on the creative direction of the MAYHEM comic? Does this mean the comic book world is embracing Tyrese? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


DiegoGod said...

Tyrese I'm a huge fan and I stayed up the other night reading your twitts about the dinner.. And it's websites like this that make it hard for people like you who are humble and down to earch and just excited about sharing what's going on in your daily life with us fans cause it's gonna be reported.

Although I think It's fucking cool to see images from your dinner with Avi Arad I was just fine reading your twitts about what took place. Were here to support you I'm a huge comic book fan and honestly bro with your passion your gonna be fine bro keep up the good work and I'm gonna keep following..

We welcome you to our comic book universe.

San Diego

Anonymous said...

Tyrese is handsome, but doesn´t seem to be very clever...

Velvet Yvette said...

Look Tyrese, I have to have one of your first Comic Books! My aunt the collector would,love adding it to her collection.

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