Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rumors Of Eddie Murphy Playing The Riddler Heating Up- AGAIN!

First, we have to state that we reported several months ago the next Batman film (yet to be titled) we discovered that the new villain will be the Riddler. Even though the script has not yet been written, and no one at that time was officially attached to star, word trickled down to us that this was the studio's next move in the Batman franchise.

Well, early yesterday that part was confirmed by Sir Michael Caine as he spoke to confirming this fact to them, as he starred in both Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Since our last report the and the new news, Hollywood gossips have all reported that the part of the Riddler would be offered to Johnny Depp, Shai LaBeouf, and to Eddie Murphy.

Well, here are some other facts that we have learned since our last report; the script has still not been written, nor has a director been hired for the film as studio bosses want Christopher Nolan back to direct but he is currently working on his latest project titled Inception, and he will not commit to the film until that film is complete.

Now where does Eddie Murphy fit in all of this? Well, without saying any names, the head of the studio and Murphy's agent are best of friends and amongst them a plan was devised to re-launch Murphy's career that will hopefully end up with an Oscar. Knowing all of this and the players involved, we think that the rumors out there are being placed to get the public's reaction to the thought of Eddie Murphy playing a villain. After all, who is keeping these rumors alive anyway? Well, stay tuned...

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