Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bay Area Black Comedy Competition Winner Announced

This year the 2009 Bay Area Black Comedy Competition Winner was just announced in Oakland, and the winner is comedian Kareem Green. It seems that everything didn't go as smooth as planned as the crowd disagreed with the announcement making their displeasure known by booing as the judges announced the winners. The crowd was in favor of Mike E. Winfield as he was announced as the third place winner. In second place came comedian Damon Rozier from New York, who also seems to be gaining steam across the country despite his disability.

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Anonymous said...

Kareem Green is the next super star of comedy in my opinion. His clever, creative style has helped him rise beyond being hilarious.

Damon Rozior is a non-stop joking machine. I'm not suprise he was right on KG's tail.

Great job from both comedians and much more success. Continue making'em cry!


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