Friday, March 6, 2009

Robin Williams To Have Heart Surgery

UPDATE: We have discovered that comedian Robin Williams will undergo surgery for an aortic valve replacement, according to reps for the tour. So he will be out from any performances that he may scheduled for film, and his Broadway show Weapons of Self-Destruction, have been postponed. The show is currently on an 80-city tour, the remaining dates of which have been pushed back until the fall with exact dates to be determined.


Anonymous said...

I pray to the heavens that your surgery goes well. You are a very talented man at what you do. I was just watching you live on Broadway again and wanted to see if you were going to come out with anything new in near future so here I am. I am a nobody but I am a fan so I give you best of wish through surgery and your recovery. So you get well soon so you can help EVERYONE EVERYWHERE with your gift of laughter that helps me through a lot. Thank you for everything and again good luck and God bless.

Sincerely, One of your many fans
Kenneth Doherty

P.S. YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

couldn't figure the Google/Blogger out so went anonymous if you would like to send an update on condition when felling better that would be sweet my Email is

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