Monday, March 30, 2009

Ice Cube Has Another New Comedy Film

We have just learned that actor/rapper/director Ice Cube has another new comedy film on tap besides the long awaited film Janky Promoters. We hear that his new film, titled Ride Along, is slated to begin filming this summer by New Line Cinemas.

We hear that Cube will play a rogue cop with a soft spot for his sister. When she reveals she's engaged to an upper-crust white psychiatrist, the cop sets out to destroy the relationship by inviting his future brother-in-law on a ride-along. Word is that Cube is eyeing either Tracy Morgan or Mike Epps to star along with him. We also heard that there has been some strong interest from Cube to select a new comedian to star.

In other Cube news, we just discovered that Cube’s other film Janky Promoters, which was scheduled to drop last week, has lost its distributer. Is that signs of the Weinstein Co. being in deep financial trouble because of the economy? We are not sure, but all signs sure do point in that direction. As of this writing, Janky, which also stars Mike Epps, has no release date.

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