Saturday, February 28, 2009

Black Dynamite Gets A Summer Release

There was some more news sent to us today about the Black film, Black Dynamite which was screened at the Sundance Film Festival this year. We hear that the action/comedy film looks like they will be having a summer release, moving the film up from the expected release of in the fall. Word also has it that since the screening at Sundance, the film has picked up a buzz and is expected to meet opening weekend expectations (which we have NO idea of the dollar amount because no one will speculate to us).

The film Black Dynamite is the story of 1970s African-American action legend Black Dynamite. The film description states that The Man killed his brother, pumped heroin into local orphanages, and flooded the ghetto with adulterated malt liquor. Black Dynamite was the one hero willing to fight The Man all the way from the blood-soaked city streets to the hallowed halls of the Honky House.

Black Dynamite stars Michael Jai White (of Spawn fame), Kym Whitley, Salli Richardson, John Salley, Miguel Nunez, Jr., Chris Spencer, Brian McKnight, Arsenio Hall, and Tommy Davidson, just to name a few.

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