Friday, January 2, 2009

What's The Deal Between The Katt Williams & Steve Harvey Beef?

In a news story that we did not want to even mention, it seems that there has been a so-called beef between comedians Katt Wiliams and Steve Harvey that has been brewing for a couple of months. The drama that has been building up was leading up to Harvey and Williams confronting each other as they were booked to join forces during their 2008 Championship of Comedy show at Joe Louis Arena on New Year's Eve in Detroit. A couple of days later, we can say that they did not disappoint. Williams and Harvey had supposedly squashed their differences before the show, but Williams went on stage and called Harvey out and things went down hill from there. The question remains; was this a marketing gimmick? Well, we can say that the show was sold out and lots more struggled to get some tickets, while Harvey has stated that he was "insulted" by Williams' comments on stage. What we can also say is if it was a gimmick, it has gone too far for Harvey who has yet to respond but insiders say to expect a lot from him on his talk show on Monday. Stay tuned!

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Lady Di said...

I'm waking up extra early for the SHMS on Monday. Anyhow, I feel like this and I've been verbal on the net about it since roughly October. No one has yet to ask Steve nor Katt where the name of the event came from. Oct 15, Katt was on SHMS and announced his retirement from stand-up, so I read. Olympia had a whole page about with bits from the show that morning plus bios for each comedian which also had the logo - 2008 Championship of Comedy. Doesn't the word 'championship' suggest a battle?? And Steve does not know about this??? (shakes head in ohhhh no fashion)

Now, I do not know much about the Joe Louis Arena but do know Joe Louis was a boxer. So, does that mean you have to use the boxing ring in your advertising just because the event is being held there - in the round?? Somewhere between October and I'd sat November Steve and had a new logo with a boxing ring to the right of the comedians photos. SUSPECT!!

Onwards... Only and Steve had this on their websites. Katt had nothing of the event nor his retirement which led me to beleive he was going out quietly. WHAM... here comes an audio busting Steve up. WHAM... here comes Foxxhole Radio (Jamie too) and Steve ripping into Katt. WHAM... here comes Katt NYE chewing all of SH's azz off.

Where is this going!?!? smdh

Anonymous said...

Oh Harvey will talk about it. He's a grown ass man. He ain't afraid of Katt. Hope it was a gimmick. Katt would be a damn fool to try an diss a brotha who blazed the trail for him.

Anonymous said...

Good for Steve. It's about time somebody brought that big balled head nigga down to size.

Anonymous said...

Good for Steve. It's about time somebody brought that old big head nigga down to size. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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