Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Katt Williams Pimp Slapped?

According to Katt Williams himself as he was being interviewed on Detroit Radio Station WJLB he was slapped after an impromptu performance at the very popular Detroit Club titled Cutter's. Katt stated during the interview that he made reference to cowboy boots and a cowboy hat that a guy was wearing while sitting in the front row. After his perfomance the guy approached him and slapped him. The question will always remain as to why Katt did not have any security with him-he usually never does, as he lands in these situations.

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Comedian Stevie Mack said...

What kind of Cowboy slaps people anyway? A real Cowboy would have punched him or at least challenged him to a duel.

Comedian Stevie Mack

Tiffany Lane-Crane said...

I'm starting to feel like I'm being slapped around for the sake of publicity! And why would a man admit that he was slapped by another man? Slapping is something that went out of style in old 20's movies.
-Tiffany Lane-Crane

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