Thursday, January 29, 2009

Katt Williams- The Candid Chronicles

Check out the latest issue right here. We interview Katt Williams where he discusses his retirement, his spat with Steve Harvey and now Jamie Foxx, plus he recaps his attack in Detroit. We also give you an inside look at a couple of new films and the latest comedy news. Also, check out our interview with Pastor Barry Lyons as we discuss if comedy saved the gospel industry. All of that and more! CLICK ON THE COVER ON THE RIGHT TO OPEN ISSUE!

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Lady Di said...

I read the issue and must say the photos are far better than the article. I'm glad you were able to interview Katt FIRST and get the story, wherever the rest of it is, straight from his mouth. Thanks you for granting me my request by acquiring something. At any rate, did you know now what "retirement" means?? smh

Again, thank you for the lovely photos attached to the entire magazine, Katt's especially. Actually - THANK YOU NAOE!!

PS - Katt, the ciggys in the pics aren't cute. :(

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