Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Murphy To Play Pryor?

It has been confirmed that comedian Eddie Murphy is being set to play the late great comedian Richard Pryor in a film that will portray Pryor's life- and death. So far, the studio has approached Murphy and contracts are being negotiated for this project to move forward quickly, as Murphy has expressed extreme interest to play the role. The film is being set up by the Weinstein's via their Weinstein Company Production Banner.

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Anonymous said...

My personal opinion is, even though Eddie Murphy was long time friends with comedian Pryor and played in a few movies long side Pryor and pretty much started his career based on Pryor's comedy style. Come on Eddie Murphy? Just because he may have been his right hand man so to speak and walked in his shadow, while Pryor was alive doesn't necessarily constitute him for playing as Pryor in honor of his life and death. Perhaps Murphy should "Produce" the film. But play HIM NAH just don't fit to me. But one that's Hollywood and two what do I know? I'm just a no body that is a distant cousin of Richard. Never met him, although a portrayal of His life I think can and could be better arranged in casting. I think Eddie is a great actor but playing Sir Richard Pryor? Heck NO!!!

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